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The famous model and later on truth television star made headlines when she married billionaire J. Howard Marshall. Marshall, 62 years older than Smith, was her 2nd hubby.

Representing Anna Nicole Smith was lawyer Howard K. Stern. Stern later made headings when he ended up being romantically involved with his customer and was charged however not convicted with conspiring to assist aid her drug addiction, which later led to her early death.
J. Howard Marshall, a Yale law graduate, was the icon of American success. He was an attorney, an oil executive and a business owner who amassed an estate worth $1.6 billion at his death. Marshall’s will left Smith nearly nothing and left the majority of his estate to his child, E. Pierce Marshall. Declaring Marshall assured her half of his estate when he passed away, Anna Nicole Smith submitted a will contest in a Texas court of probate. Helping her case was Marshall’s other son, J. Howard Marshall III. Evidently, Marshall III was also disinherited and neglected of his will.

Lessons Learned Through Famous LawsuitMarried for just 14 months before Marshall died at age 90, Smith’s case concentrated on a legal mission to revoke Marshall’s composed will. After reaching the U.S. Supreme Court practically 12 years after Marshall’s death, the highest Court remanded the case to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
In 2006, E. Pierce Marshall died at age 67. His partner took over his will contest claim and continued the legal battle till Anna Nicole Smith passed away in 2007. Over the next numerous years following Smith’s death, the legal fight continued all the method back up to the U.S. Supreme Court. As of 2011, the case was still unresolved.

What can we discover from the impressive court fight that outlived the original individuals? There are several lessons we can all discover, even if we are not the fortunate owners of $1.6 billion estates. At least, we need to have a firm understanding of our state’s probate laws.
Although the Smith case included many bankruptcy filings, an understanding of what our state probate codes overview is necessary. There are steps that Iowa citizens can require to ensure that we reduce the chances for expensive and dragged out probate treatments. Executing a valid will and memorializing intent is critical, particularly for octogenarians with sizeable estates.